Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remote Control Bumblebee Painting!

I spent today painting my kitchen.  I figured since I have painting on the brain today; I'd tell you about a painting activity I plan on doing with the kids when I get back to school. 

I have this cute little bumblebee.  It's actually a remote control bumble bee.  I put some paint in a large cardboard box top and let the bumble bee move around the box!  (The kids in my room will love this :)

This is one of those ways to make painting easier for children who may not be able to hold a typical paint brush!  Pushing the button on the remote control activates the bumblebee.   This also offers children a way to interact and attend to the same activity without needing to follow very specific directions; since this is very open-ended.

I'm sure you could use any type of remote control.  This bumblebee, however, has very large tires which did seem to help with the painting!  I would try the painting out first with a small amount of paint and make sure it didn't somehow ruin the remote control mechanism.  It didn't seem to harm this one!  I also plan on adding the ladybug from our ladybug painting to the box at the same time at some point!  I can't wait for the craziness this produces!

The children in my room will definitely like this remote control bumblebee painting!  We'll just have to have a bug painting party!


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  2. Innovative and very lovely painting.
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