Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Yep, I'm not good at saying "goodbye"!  The last of my little classroom team of teachers that we had going for a number of years has just started teaching in her own classroom.  So...I'm starting over.  Boo-hoo.  Yes, of course I'm excited for her, just bummed for me.

I'm not sure many people, other than early childhood educators, REALLY understand how important wonderful teacher associates (or assistants) are to the everyday functioning of the classroom!  I think sometimes people think assistants simply sit in the back of the room and laminate things! (I'm silently chuckling to myself about that last statement! :)

Of course, we all know how important every single person is to the classroom environment.  It just takes a while for a new team to really begin working together smoothly!  When you have a team that functions like a well oiled machine it's not easy to start all over and build that up again from scratch! 

Believe me...I know!  I've had associates in the past who have clearly and openly said they have no desire to work with children with special needs.  ...Um....tell me again why you took the job!?  I've had associates who clearly envisioned sitting back and relaxing all day while getting paid!  Not in my classroom...are you crazy?!

But those people are definitely NOT in the majority!  Thank goodness!  So, we'll work on getting our new team moving smoothly through the day!  I'm sure the children will grow to love these new wonderful people!  It will be a new adventure; as each person brings something new to the table!  It still doesn't make saying "goodbye" any easier!


  1. Oh I agree so much with you, the right team makes a huge difference to the job & the dynamics of the classroom. The assistant who works with me in on exactly the same wave length as me - and I have had bad experiences in the past so I know how awful it can be too. Good luck

  2. I can relate! Last year I had 12 students in my Sped Prek and ONE classroom aide. We made do because she was awesome, but when she left after Winter break I spent the rest of the school year with one sub after another (with TWELVE special needs preschoolers). I am still amazed that we survived. I am supposed to have two brand new helpers next year.. we shall see! Think of me!


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