Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gone Fishing!

Here's another very quick and easy snack to make with the children.  It goes right along with the "fish bowl" snack I blogged about a few days ago!  This is another great activity to make sequence cards for.* 
Here's what you will need:  goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks, peanut butter (or sun butter if allergies are a concern) and a laminated blue paper 'pond' for the fish to swim in! 

Now, here comes the fun part!  Place some goldfish crackers on each child's 'pond' and show the children how to 'fish' for the goldfish!  Dip a pretzel stick (the fishing pole) in peanut butter and go fishing by sticking the peanut butter end on to a goldfish cracker!  My two year old class used to LOVE this activity and would do it over and over and over!

The interesting part is that in every group there always seems to be that one child who simply insists on eating the fishing pole each time! This would explain why I offer quite a few pretzel sticks for each child! 

 Of course, you can add math concepts into this activity by encouraging the children to sort different colored fish crackers, match colored fish crackers or by providing some fish crackers and some other shape cracker to sort. 

This is a pretty nice fine motor work out on its own; but counting, sorting, matching or patterning can all be worked into this easily!

Currently, we are in the middle of repainting our with a kitchen torn apart, sadly enough, this really could have been my snack tonight! But, since I had no children to help me "go fishing" the dog with a few challenges and his accomplice were both perfectly happy to participate in the fishing game!
Yep, who cares if you don't have thumbs...just look cute and soon enough that goldfish cracker will fall into your mouth!

And just like kids, they move too fast for me to get a photo of them actually EATING a fish cracker! :)

*If you would like to make your own sequence card for this activity, feel free to use any of the first 5 photos in THIS POST (no other post please). 


  1. We like to do this too. We just did it yesterday in fact. Such a fun snack! Cute doggy. :)

  2. My kids would all love this activity, I need to get some colored fishes!

  3. @Stacy- when I taught the 2 year old room they would have done this all day if I let them! (of course, they may have had tummy aches if I DID!)

    @Brooke- adding the colored fish to sort or match (or recognizing or naming colors) is a great way to extend the activity!

  4. What great fun! Must try this - I would have to use cream cheese though since we can't have peanut butter - allergies! Love it!


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