Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Hey Mom...I Met Bob Today!"

So, we named him Bob.  The hamster, that is.  His name is Bob.  How that got started I'm not quite sure.  I think it had something to do with the fact that one of my teacher associates said, "I want to name him Bob!"  Soon all the kids were asking to see "Bob", pointing at Bob's cage, asking why Bob was sleeping, gasping as they yelled "Uh oh, Bob!" as he was climbing the side of his house and hanging from the ceiling. 

So, apparently, his name is Bob.  Bob quickly made himself at home in his new environment by climbing up the side of his house and 'begging' to be let out and given treats.  How does a hamster beg for these things?  Well, I wish I had a picture of it.  He literally climbs up the side of his house and across the ceiling and sometimes dangles from the top until someone comes up to his house.  Then he climbs down and out the door if you open it!  Yep, that's our little Bob! 

Bob made a brief appearance after breakfast to be petted since he freaked a few of the kids out with his gymnastics in his house!  He then made two trips to visit other classrooms and did very well!  He was gently petted by almost 40 children today....and lived to tell the story (well, technically, I'M telling the story...but, I'm sure he would if he could!)

When Bob came back from his visit to the other classrooms, one of the little guys in my room, pointed to Bob in his house, looked at me, pointed at the door and said, "No take Bob on walk!, No take Bob on walk."  Clearly they are all very excited that this is THEIR hamster....not the other classroom's hamster!

One of my teacher associates offered to knit Bob a tiny scarf as he may want to ride a tiny motorcycle and have the wind blow through his hair.  She also offered to make him a tiny leash so he can walk down the hall with us.  Perhaps we are taking this a bit too far!  We did, however, have to tell him "night, night" at nap time and wave to him as we were walking out the door at the end of the day.  

I have a feeling I may get a few questioning notes from parents asking who exactly is this new guy Bob?!  Bob?  Well, Bob is a few inches long, is furry, cute little nose, whiskers and likes to do gymnastics! 


  1. I enjoyed hearing about Bob's first day today! It is interesting to hear how he got his name; and I love hearing how your teacher associate is getting into the spirit. :)

    My children and I have a new Beta fish, as of 2 weeks ago, and after some discussion over lunch, it seemed we decided to name him Danny. (Later I learned that the child who suggested this name - well his dad is Danny!)
    We watch "Danny Fish", in the early morning; are reading several "Rainbow Fish" books; and the children have begun playing out the stories during their play times. What alot small animals and fish can give to children!

  2. Because of your post we love Bob already - will you be posting his picture soon?

  3. LOL! Check out for some more pictures of Bob with the children! Glad you guys love him as much as we do :)

    Brenda- Danny is a wonderful name for a Beta! It is amazing how the fish or small animal can be worked into many parts of the day! It's always more interesting to read the Rainbow Fish when you HAVE a fish in your room!


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