Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smiles, Giggles and Belly Laughs!

The kids have a new obsession in my room.  It's called, lets see how many of our friends we can get laughing at one time! 

It goes something like this:  "Jeremiah did it!"....giggle, giggle, giggle.  "Jeremiah did it!"  (a little louder)...giggle, giggle...a few laughs erupt from the friend sitting next to the child exclaiming "Jeremiah did it". 

"Jeremiah did it!"  again, giggle, giggle, smiles from a few more.  "Jeremiah did it!", giggle....BELLY LAUGHS! 

"JEREMIAH DID IT!"  Belly laughs all around! 

The on-going question the adults have in the room is....what exactly did Jeremiah DO?!? :)  Whatever it is, five children find it incredibly funny!  And, apparently you can not be older than five years old to "get" the joke!

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