Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Great Blogger Awards! One Big Thanks!

Oh my!  Time really does just fly by.  Ok, that's really not an excuse!  Quite a while ago I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by two great people!  I started this post and never quite finished or published it.  So now that I saw that Vanessa from Pre-K Pages nominated me for the Kreative Blogger award, I wanted to make sure to thank all 3 people and pass these along to some of the other great blogs out there! 

So, first, thank you so much Ayn at Little Illuminations and Leeanne at Kreative Resources for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award!  (Yes, I know, this was quite awhile ago!  Yikes!  Better late than never!)

Kreative Blogger Award

And, Vanessa from Pre-K Pages, thank you for nominating me for the Kreative Blogger award! 

All three of these sites are such wonderful sources of ideas and inspiration; I was excited to be nominated by all three of these great people!   Thanks guys :) 

7 things about me:

1.  I tend to procrastinate... (ahem...not unlike what I did with this blog post :) 
2.  I think finding ways to adapt items for use by all children is great fun!  (puts to use those Dollar Store and Goodwill finds!
3.  I have two sons age 18 and 21.
4.  I've recently found that I actually enjoy doing mini-home improvements! Who would have  known!?
5.  We have 2 dogs, a cat and a hamster in our house currently!  (the hamster is heading to school soon)
6.  My husband and I are both teachers.  My mom and dad are retired teachers...and my grandmother was a teacher! :) 
7.  Shh...don't tell anyone, but twitter really drives me a bit crazy!  How can you focus on one thing with all those itty bitty bits of thoughts floating around!?

There are SOOO many blogs out there that are wonderful!  It was REALLY tough to narrow this list of great blogs down!  But, here we go:  A few of my favorite blogs!  (and, yes, my interests are diverse!)

I'm giving the Versatile Blogger Award to:

1. Kate at Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs! 
3. Tom at Sand and Water Tables! 
4. Crystal from Surviving a Teacher's Salary! 

And the Kreative Blogger Award to:

1. MaryLea at Pink and Green Mama!
2. Jenny at Let the Children Play!
4. Rachelle at TinkerLab!
5. Amy at Child Central Station! 
6. Brenda from Early Childhood Education and Common Sense!
7. Karen at Flights of Whimsy!
**Guidelines for passing on the Versatile Blogger award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks Ayn and Leeanne!
2. Share 7 things about yourself (see above)
3. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers. (again, see above)
4. Contact the other bloggers to let them know they have been nominated.

**How the Kreative Blogger Award process works:

List seven things about yourself (see above) and give the award to ten other bloggers (and, yet again, see above!) Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks Vanessa!

Now on to the Edublog awards!  Good to stop procrastinating! :)

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