Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodbye Bob...

Today started as any other preschool day has before...Bob the hamster greeted me by pressing his little nose to the edge of his house.  Of course, I knew he was clearly more interested in the sunflower seeds in my hand than he was about saying hi to me. 

No problem.  Eat a few sunflower seeds...roll around in your little ball...head back into your house and snuggle in for a nap while the kids are busy working and playing. 

And then I peeked in on him after the children were on their cots for nap.  Noooooo....

We are now mourning the loss of our dear pet Bob... He was a wonderful little classroom pet.  He was the most gentle and social little hamster I've ever seen.  He never bit anyone.  He was cute and fuzzy and, most of all, the children loved him. 

Granted, Bob was nearly two years old.  He was loved by many preschool children.  He ate many sunflower seeds and he rolled around  many times in his little ball. He had a very full hamster life.  Good bye little Bob...we will miss you! :( 

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