Monday, January 24, 2011

The Mitten...sensory table experience!

Today we started reading the book The Mitten by Jan Brett.  If you want to see an awesome video clip of the story retold with stuffed animals go to visit Strong Start.  Maureen does an awesome job of storytelling!   We also used stuffed animals and a white pillowcase to tell the story for the children.  Although, I'm not sure my storytelling is quite as good!
After we told the story, we talked about how difficult it was for the little boy in the story to see his mitten in the snow since the mitten was white and the snow was white!  We went to our sensory table to experience this first hand!  Prior to this I had hidden white foam and felt mitten shapes in the sensory table with cotton balls on top.
We used spoons, our hands and tongs to move the cotton balls and find all the white mittens.  We had both big and small mittens, but all were white!  This was great fine motor work with the tongs, math concepts with both big and small mittens and tied in nicely and demonstrated to the children why white mittens were so difficult to see in the white snow!
Of course, this will be available to the kids all week to explore during center time.  We will leave the mittens, bowls, cups, tongs and spoons in the sensory table so the children can recreate this again and again if they would like!

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