Friday, January 21, 2011

Bumpy Ball Painting #3...the last experiment... and documenting our work!

OK people...we've progressed from rolling our bumpy ball to bouncing our bumpy ball and now we are kicking our bumpy ball!  Talk about 'having a ball'!  We used our original LONG piece of blue paper and connected another LONG piece of blue paper, put this in the hall (our LONG hall!) and put the ball in paint and kicked it down the hall!   A word of warning...this IS messy!  It was great large motor work but definitely required a bit of clean up afterwards!
Here is my super simple documentation board for our bumpy ball painting experiments.  Again, I kept this very simple and put the large photos at the bottom of the board so the children can really see them.  
 We also have LOTS more bumpy ball painting papers, but we really only needed a bit of each for the children to see.  This is truly a project based on the process rather than the product! 

The round paper is the circle target I drew for the children when we bounced the ball.  The long sheet is the rolling ball paper.  Our kicking looked very similar to this, but didn't show up quite as well since the ball kept going off the paper!  So, we just put these up. 
I haven't really put any printed documentation up about what the children are learning while they do this, but that certainly could be done as well.  Again, I try to keep the words to a minimum so adults and children will actually look at this and get a quick overview of the activities we did! 
Also, the majority of the children in my classroom ride a van to school and home from school, so the parents are not in the classroom on a daily basis. If I did have parents coming into the classroom on a daily basis, I would definitely put words up about what the children were learning in the process of doing this project: In this case- large motor skills, social skills including cooperation, turn taking, making eye contact with others as well as language (mainly receptive, since what we heard most during this (expressive language) was laughing from the children :)

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