Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Come Visit "How Long is this Hall" on Facebook!

I started a "fan page" for How Long is this Hall on Facebook.  I'd love to have you come join me and "like" the How Long is this Hall facebook page as well!  I will probably use the facebook page for smaller posts (such as items I find to use in the classroom) as well as posts and articles I find around the internet regarding preschool, early childhood special education, outdoor learning and other early childhood related items I find interesting!  Feel free to check it out HERE.   Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.  Let's get a conversation going about how to meet the needs of and provide wonderful learning for young children with special needs and, of course, all children!
Example: Yesterday I posted on facebook about these very cute little stuffed farm animals (and tractor) I found at Target in the $1 section for, of course, $1.00 a piece. I plan to use these with our Old McDonald parachute game!

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