Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bumpy Ball Painting!

Yesterday we began exploring what we can do with balls...and a bit of paint!  We decided to start with rolling balls!  We taped a large blue sheet of paper to the table and rolled our "spikey ball" in white paint and then rolled it to our friend on the other side of the table!  I found this ball at Target the other day, and it really just was a matter of time before I found something like this to try!
This was a great activity for some social interaction!  One child couldn't stop laughing as he watched the ball roll across the paper and leave little white specks!   And the child opposite him smiled and watched as the ball came back to him!

The texture of this ball is just great!  It feels sticky all over, making it great to hold on to, and the spikes gave a great sensory experience!  
This is definitely an experience we will try again.  We have a few other fun painting ideas with our great bumpy ball before we're done!  

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