Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Use of Those Wonderful Resources!

It took me quite a while as a teacher to learn to really make good use of all those wonderful community resources we have!  Now, I'm not talking about paper or equipment resources, but rather those people who have something wonderful to offer the children or our program that I can certainly not provide in the same way!  As a new teacher, I think we sometimes think we need to do it all ourselves!  But, of course, that's impossible!  THAT is where those wonderful resources come in handy!                              
Our "Story Lady" reading to the children!
My mom recently retired and has become our "Story Lady".  She comes down once a month to read stories to each classroom!  The children absolutely love it!  And, while we read lots of stories every day in class, it's just a little bit more special when a "guest" reads the stories!                                  

We also have resources in our community that in the past have gone unnoticed.  We have had a local children's theatre group, Junior Theatre, come and work with the children on "acting!"  The children absolutely loved the half hour interactive class!    We've also had a local children's dance group work with the children on dance and tumbling!
The Jr. Theatre preschool director demonstrating how
facial expressions show us different emotions!
We've had musicians from a a local historical music center come to play blues music for the children.  This program was funded though Blues in the Schools and the River Music Experience.  
Blues Musicians
We've had local firefighters visit the school!  As well, we've also had a small local zoo come to visit with many animals!  We've had family nights at a local Family Museum and many of our children participated in the local Special Olympics Playday!

We are also currently looking for more community resources in order to expand our Outdoor Learning area.  Working with parents and community members allows us to offer more to the children than we can offer alone.  These are the people who are working to improve community programs! 

Local Firefighter
Of course, all of the resources shown above were available in OUR area.  Each community has their own set of wonderful resources available. Sometimes all it takes is asking to find out if a community member or group would be willing to come visit the preschool!  Really; what is the worst answer you could receive?  No!  The wonderful thing about those community resources is the fact that often they will be more than willing to come back multiple times!  And, of course, NONE of these visits cost us anything!  We are always excited when a community member or group is willing to donate a bit of their time and expertise to our children and program!

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