Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boxed In...A Bear Cave!

After our wonderful abstract art bears we made this week, we have worked dillegently on creating a "bear cave" in our room.  We decided our small stuffed bear may need a bear cave just like the bear family in the book we are reading:  Bear's First Winter. 
So, off we went, box in hand and with LOTS of black paint!  For the last two days we have spent time painting each side of the box.  The children made sure pretty much EVERY single space was painted black!  The bumpy cardboard surface offered a great bumpy tactile experience as well as a chance to make some wonderful bump, bump sounds as the brush went over the cardboard bumps!
Today, after painting, we began gluing some cotton balls to the side of the box. Because, of course, it's winter...we needed some "snow" on our cave!

I can't wait to use our bear cave tomorrow to do Going on a Bear Hunt!  I have a feeling, we might just find our stuffed bear in the cave!

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  1. we do the same thing in our classroom. we even seal the bear in for the winter and hang a sign asking for quiet, bear sleeping. on or near the first day of spring we throw a "wake up bear" pajama party. the children make sure bear has a seat at the snack and lunch table as she has to be very hungry after hibernating. they are absolutely convinced that bear will enjoy whatever we are eating. :)


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