Friday, January 28, 2011

Under Self-Imposed Quarantine!

It's been a LONG week!  You might think that I've had some time my P.J.'s for the last four days...but, no, I'm recovering from some illness!  Strep test...negative.   Flu test...negative.  101-102 degree F. temp for 2 1/2 days......sadly, yes.  Attempting to cough up a lung...yes.  Horrible body aches, chills, muscle pain, gland pain, couldn't eat anything...OK, you get the idea! 
I think the doctor finally felt sorry enough for me at about day 2 of this horrible thing and decided it must be some type of infection and broke down and called in an antibiotic.  Well, what do you know, after 2 doses, my fever finally broke!  I'm still nowhere near back to normal.  In fact, sitting here typing this is the most I've done in several days.  I did manage to finish a child's IEP while my temp. was 101.  I was awfully impressed by that!  I hope it made sense, I really don't remember much of what I added at that point!
As you may notice, there are no photos to accompany this post...I really don't think you need any...nor do you probably WANT description of being ill should stand on it's own!  Hopefully, I'll be back to semi-regular blog posts next week sometime, but for now, I'm going back to bed!

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