Saturday, January 22, 2011

Plants in the Classroom

I've always loved the IDEA of plants in the classroom.  However, I'm not always the best about caring for live plants, we have a huge list of plants that CAN'T be in the classroom and I do sometimes have children in my classroom who may decide to throw a plant at your head!  I also have children in my classroom who are unable to defend themselves from a plant thrown at their head!  When I found this deal though, I couldn't pass it up, and decided to really weigh the benefits and risks!  (I originally posted about this deal on facebook.)
One of the small plants by our sign in/parent area!
I do love how Sherry and Donna at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning use plants, both real and artificial, in the classroom.  Not only do they add to the atmosphere, but the children incorporate them into many different dramatic play schemes! 
A large plant by our book/'piano' area!
We have a few risks, though, that come with any item that can be picked up and thrown.  However, we have LOTS of other items that also could be thrown...and, of course, we don't remove those from the room!  After really thinking about it, it just didn't make sense NOT to try this.  We just may need to provide a little bit more supervision until the children are used to the fact that the plants are part of the room!  (and truly, the plants are artificial and are not very heavy...plastic pots don't have a lot of weight behind them!)
A large plant behind the childrens' computer.
The deal at Walgreens on these artificial plants was the tipping point!  It was decided!  I could handle this!  I decided to start with artificial plants, basically because I am not known to remember to WATER plants on a regular basis!  I found these artificial plants for $4.00 (for large) and $2.00 (for small) at Walgreens in my area!  These were normally $20.00 and $10.00!  (of course, I wouldn't have actually paid THAT much for them :)

A large plant in the dramatic play area.
When I get an idea in my head, I tend to go a bit overboard!  That would be how we ended up with 5 large artificial plants and 3 small plants in the classroom!  Just look though!  They really do warm up the room quite a bit!  Now, to find one real plant to have in the room....I know I can remember to water just one plant!


  1. Thanks Deborah- I wasn't sure about them at first, but once I got them tucked into the layout of the classroom, I loved how they looked!


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