Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Video Clips Page!

In order to ease back into blogging after my week of illness, I figured I'd simply point out my new page Very Cool Video Clips for Kids!  First, these are NOT my video clips...obviously!  You can find these available on the Internet.  These are simply a few of the video clips I have used with children and that I find the most useful. 

Some of these are simply silly, some focus on literacy concepts.  They all, however, focus on developing simple language.  For many of the children in my classroom, understanding and using language is a huge challenge.  Anything that can provoke a smile and a vocalization or word is good in my book! 

All the clips that I have posted on this page so far come from Super Simple Songs.  I like these video clips and songs because they are so simple, the videos have very little background clutter and the children can focus on the simple movements and song. 

I did have some other video clips in mind, but I can't yet locate them  did locate them- they are from Teach Preschool (see below) I put links to several of the video clips on the page.  There are many more clips to explore!  I will try to add to this page as I find other very simple video clips and songs for kids.  My other tried and true simple songs for helping children understand and use language come from Deborah from Teach Preschool.  Her CD Simple Songs for Preschool (which is AWESOME by the way :) has very simple songs that children can learn and sing or vocalize to easily.  

So have fun exploring some of the simple songs and video clips for kids!  Have you found favorite songs and video clips for kids on the Internet?  Let me know!  I'd love to add to the collection!

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