Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bumpy Ball Painting #2!

This bumpy ball painting has just been so much fun!  Yesterday we rolled the ball on the paper and just used one color paint.  Today we bounced the ball and used several colors of paint!  This was just a ton of fun!  Not only were we getting a great physical workout and working on some large motor skills but the social interactions and turn taking opportunities were absolutely wonderful!  I drew a large circle on the paper to give the kids a target to bounce the ball at and we stood on either side to catch the ball!  Boy was it fun...and messy!

We used three colors of paint this time.  We started with white and then added red and orange.  We ended up with paint on our hands, on the paint shirts and a little on the floor...but it was worth it!  You should have seen the kids laughing as the ball bounced on the paper and splattered the paint!  

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