Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yikes! It's a Bear!

This week we have been reading and listening to the story "Bear's first Winter" on CD (I think this was first published as Chaucer's First Winter).  The children have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there are such wonderful sound effects on this version of the book on tape!  Seriously, though, you can hear the bear slide across the ice and fall down!  If you don't have this book on CD, I highly recommend looking for it through Scholastic as it is very cute!  The book on CD uses various sound effects to represent the snow falling, the ice and the animal's voices are just too cute!
After we listened to this story today, we decided to make some simple bears.  The children tore or cut brown paper into small pieces. 
This little guy would make one large tear down the piece of paper
then clap and smile at the great work he'd done!
Then they were able to paint a paper plate with glue and stick the brown paper all over the plate.  When we were done covering our paper plate with brown paper scraps, we glued button eyes on our bears!
We had to use the GREAT BIG (and old) paintbrushes
since glue really ruins the brushes!

When we were finished, we had something that looked similar to a bear!  We know, we know....use your imagination!  They're missing some ears, a nose and a mouth!  But we had fun creating them!

These would be considered "abstract art bears"!

On another note...we made it outside today for about 35 minutes!  Yippee!  The kids had a blast in the snow!

OK- really, he was excited to be in the snow a minute before!

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