Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PreK and K Sharing...Have You Checked it Out Yet?

So, have you heard yet?  There are some wonderful early childhood ideas over at the new blog PreK and K Sharing!  If you haven't visited yet, you really should pop on over to read a few of the first posts from people interested in so many different aspects of early childhood! 

PreK + K Sharing

This is truly a site devoted to all sorts of early childhood experiences!  It's also a wonderful place for so many visitors!   Below is just a sampling of what has been posted so far!  These first posts have been introductions from the authors...but definitely have a wealth of information inside each post!  Come check them out!
  1. If you teach Montessori (or would like to know more...or would like to implement Montessori inspired work in your room) you may want to check out THIS!
  2. If you need ideas for music and movement or would like to use visuals with music, you may want to check out THIS!
  3. If your school is implementing data teams and you are looking for quick ways to assess academic learning with your kindergarten students, you may want to check out THIS!
  4. If you're interested in storytelling and story play with young children you may want to check out THIS!
  5. Would you like more literacy ideas?  Check out THIS!
  6. Would you like to learn more about the study of the brain, how young children learn and what young children need in order to grow and develop to their fullest?  Then check THIS out!
  7. Would you like ideas to help children relax and calm their bodies?  (I think I need this sometimes :)  Then check out THIS!
  8. Would you like some ideas for great go-to books for preschool children?  Then head over HERE!
  9. Would you like ideas for working with and activities for mixed age groups?  Then check out THIS!
  10. Would you like some simple and exciting ideas and activities for young children?  Then hop on over HERE!
  11. Oh, and LOL...just in case you haven't seen MY TOP 10 Reasons I love teaching early childhood and my favorite super simple activities from the last year...check THIS out!
  12. And last, but certainly not least, would you like to meet Debbie Clement (who started this great blog) and see some great music and dancing?  Well, check out this POST!
Now, remember, these are just SOME of the first posts!!!  There will be MANY more and SO many more contributors who have NOT YET POSTED an introduction post!  So, don't just take my word for it!  Head on over!  You may find some new favorite blogs, new favorite ideas and inspiration and meet some new people interested in early childhood! Stop back to learn something new!  Implement a new idea you love in your own room!  And then check back for even more blog posts from even MORE early childhood people!! 


  1. Thanks, Pam, for the wonderful PR on our new collaborative!!! This took a lot of work and I appreciate you.


  2. Barbara- loved doing it! it's a great opportunity for people to access more early childhood resources and ideas!

  3. Thanks for the great intro to PreK + K Sharing, Pam! I love the way you identified each of our niches. I look forward to reading each post ... such a great variety of experiences and knowledge within the collaborative! :) Deb @

  4. Just exactly how brilliant are you, dearie?

    AWESOME beyond words!!!!

    Consider yourself hugged today.


  5. FABULOUS Idea.... and also very well done! KUDOS to you!!


  6. Thanks- I'm positve there is just about something of interest to everyone!! With so many people contributing, there is certainly a wide variety of topics!

  7. Pam,
    Thank you for this amazing list.
    I'm looking forward to reading, and learning.


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