Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bob the blogspot dot com...

My second contribution to the collaborative blog PreK and K Sharing was posted this morning.  I decided to focus on three easy to implement and simple ways to increase communication in children who struggle to communicate with others.  Since I posted several very cute pics of the kids with Bob the hamster in that post...I wanted to make sure I posted some here as well! 

We've seen several children attempting to communicate more and in more detail since Bob the hamster has joined our classroom.  This is wonderful!!  I'm not sure I can convey how pleased I am with how well the children have been doing with such a tiny animal!  I was a bit worried initially about impulsive behaviors and a tiny creature...and the accidental squishing that may happen! 

My mom suggested that maybe Bob should be called a "therapy hamster" (you know...therapy dog...therapy hamster)."  If I continue to hear as much language from one little guy about Bob as I did this week, I soon may have to agree. 

When Bob wants to come out of his house, he climbs the walls!
A co-worker suggested I start a blog for Bob...I think she suggested!  OK, seriously people, don't type that in...there is no blog for Bob!  It is an interesting idea though!  I'll let you know if I decide to write a blog from Bob's perspective!  Oh, just thinking about that makes me laugh! 

So, this wasn't the most enlightening blog post ever, but I hope it was at least a bit entertaining!  Just imagine several children coming into the classroom all saying "Bob?", "Bob?"...well, nice to see you too!  Sure, just pass right by me and hurry on over to say good morning to Bob...he's climbing the walls of his house, just waiting for you to feed him peanuts! 

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