Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Lazy Playdough Recipe...This Time for Gingerbread Playdough

Do you remember when I decided to make the Lazy Teachers Chocolate (hot cocoa) Playdough...well, I'm again not even ATTEMPTING to cover the fact that this is a seriously lazy way to make gingerbread playdough.  Although, it didn't save me quite as much time as the chocolate playdough, the end product seems almost like a mix between playdough and cookie dough or something (and I think the kids will love that fact!).

For the lazy version of gingerbread playdough, I found a box of Pillsbury Gingerbread Mix on sale for $1.60 or so.  (around the holidays, it is quite cheap).  That's why  I decided to experiment with using the mix as a base for playdough.

Here's what I used:

1 box dry gingerbread mix
1 cup water
apx. 1 1/2 cup flour
several tablespoons oil
To be quite honest, I realized that we had no liquid oil- only cooking spray (ok, I forgot to get more while I was at the store!)...yep, you guessed it, I sprayed about 2 tablespoons cooking spray into the pan.  I'm sure it would work better with liquid cooking oil

I cooked this for several minutes (watch the bottom though, it did want to stick- and BE CAREFUL- if you overcook it starts smelling more like burned gingerbread!)

I then took it out of the pan and kneaded in handfuls of flour until the consistency became like playdough (I actually ended up putting in a bit too much flour I think). 

Now, this kneads and squeezes, and pulls and rolls just like playdough; but it smells and feels more like a cookie dough.  I will bet anything that SOMEONE eats some of it! :)  I think it will be great to use with cookie cutters and cookie sheets, our pretend oven, spatulas and cookie drying racks etc.! 

I love the fact that it seems more like cookie dough than playdough...but it holds it's shape like playdough.  The smell though is not quite as good as the regular gingerbread playdough.  You may want to experiment with adding spices to it.  I'm going to make the regular gingerbread playdough for my class next week.  We'll have to see which version they like best! 

NOTE: I did NOT put anything in to preserve the playdough (Alum or Cream of Tarter). I plan on keeping this in my room ONLY for this week, so I think we'll be OK.  If you want to keep it longer- similar to playdough- I would add a tablespoon of Alum. 

*Also- it did seem to start drying out quickly, but I really think this is happening because I actually didn't use enough oil with the spray.  I plan on covering this and storing it in the refrigerator when not in use.  Let me know if your dries out quickly if you try this version! 

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