Monday, December 5, 2011

Baking the Gingerbread Babies!

I wasn't so sure about my lazy gingerbread playdough last night....I still wasn't quite sure about it this morning...but after playing with it with the kids this afternoon, I was quite pleased!  

It basically is a very, very thick and stretchy cookie dough type of material!  It really is not quite like playdough and not quite like cookies!  I'm not sure what was in the gingerbread mix that I used, but it is a very interesting consistency!  It holds it's shape, rolls out, you can make snakes and balls just like playdough, but feels more like cookie dough!  Oh, and today, it smells JUST like gingerbread cookies!  (yesterday it didn't smell quite as good)

It was perfect to roll out with rolling pins and with cookie cutters. We pulled out the "cookie sheets" and made many, many "gingerbread babies" as the kids call them (we just read the Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett last week). 

After we rolled and cut out the gingerbread babies, we took them over to the pretend oven, popped them in and turned on the oven! The kids enjoyed putting them into the oven and taking them out. 

Tomorrow I think I may suggest we re-read parts of the the Gingerbread Baby so we can act some of this out with the gingerbread babies we make!  Today, we simply didn't have enough time before nap/rest time to begin this.  (Besides, Bob was begging to come out and play, so we had to make time for hamster play as well!).  But tomorrow we'll expand on our gingerbread baking we started today! 

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