Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingerbread Baby Ornaments!

Well, we just had so much fun playing with our lazy gingerbread play dough all week, I just knew we couldn't end the week without attempting just one more experiment with this!  (Actually, I had been waiting all week to try this and see if it would work!)

So, the children worked diligently with my teacher associates to create many different large and small gingerbread "babies" with the play dough.  We then poked holes in them with a pencil and popped them in the oven!

Yep, we peeked a few times.  Thank goodness no gingerbread babies escaped during the baking process!  I wasn't quite sure whether we would end up with gingerbread cookies or gingerbread ornaments.  Of course, the goal was gingerbread ornaments, as the children have handled the play dough all week!  There is no way anyone is tasting this at this point!

We started out in a low oven 200 degrees.  We baked for about 15-20 min.  I flipped the gingerbread babies over and turned up the heat to about 350 degrees.  We baked them for another 15-20 min. then pulled them out.

I think next time, we will try a 200 degree oven for just a longer period of time.  But, what we did here seemed to work.  You may need to experiment a bit more with this one.  A few of the gingerbread ornaments seemed just a bit soft still in the middle when done.  

Now, I must warn you, the smell in the office as these gingerbread babies were baking was almost too much to take!  Do NOT be surprised if someone tries to take a bite out of one!  They smelled delicious! 

Monday, we will make, bake and hang some more gingerbread babies.  My hope is that the ones that were hung on Friday are holding up!  When I left on Friday, they seemed like they would do fine.  Monday, we may add some glitter to our dough to brighten it up a bit! 

So, this time we REALLY baked the gingerbread babies...and ended up with gingerbread ornaments!

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  1. Pam,
    These are very cute!
    What a great sensory experience!

  2. Brenda- this was a great way to experience the smell, feel and even baking of gingerbread...without actually tasting it...which most of my children probably wouldn't want to eat!


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