Friday, July 29, 2011


My vacation time is very quickly winding down... or more like crashing to a close!  I am lucky enough to head back to the classroom on Monday to not just ONE new teacher associate to meet...but TWO! 

Wow!  Yikes!  I'm a bit nervous! I feel a bit like a stranger walking into my own classroom!   I almost always feel like I've just run into a brick wall the first few days I am back from vacation, but this is ridiculous!  I have only briefly met one of my new teacher associates.  The other one I haven't even met yet!

So think of me Monday morning!  And don't be surprised if these daily blog posts turn into every other day blog posts after Monday...or twice a week blog posts very quickly for a while!  I have a feeling I may be collapsing on the couch from exhaustion when I get home from school!

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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