Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relax, Breathe...Find Solutions!

I was watching a documentary the other day on PBS about young people traveling to various developing countries and attempting to work through some of the challenges of poverty using a business model.  Hmmm...interesting concept.  The documentary was very good.  What I took away from it most was a typed sign that hung near a person's desk space.  Here is what it said: 

Find Solutions!
Immediately, I thought, I need that sign!  It definitely needs to hang in my classroom.  For anyone who has ever taught or worked with children with special needs (or adults, for that matter) most of our day focuses on finding solutions!
We find solutions for the child who wants to paint, but doesn't yet have the physical grip strength to hold a paintbrush.  We find solutions for the child who is overwhelmed by loud noises but wants to be right in the middle of all the action!  We find solutions for the child who is unable yet to communicate verbally with his/her peers but wants to greet his friends.  We find solutions for the child who is unable to stand, but longs to dance with his friends!   And, on and on!

So, yes, many times I think we simply need to..."Relax....Breathe....and work on Finding a Solution!" 

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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