Thursday, July 21, 2011

Color Matching File Folder Game

Sometimes I do think I over think things a bit, especially when I create new items for the classroom!  Oh, but not this time! :) 
I made this several years ago for a little girl who was just beginning to match colors, but who was SO highly distracted by everything around her, that she simply could not focus on matching colors if it involved anything else! 

I have a few children now who could benefit from this very simple, basic matching as well, so I have it packed up and ready to go back to the classroom!

I basically just used Word to make color rectangles.  Then I cut out, laminated and put Velcro on the back of one set.  I kept the second set together on the page, laminated the entire thing, put the other side of Velcro on each color and attached it to a file folder (you could laminate the entire folder before you add the Velcro).

Of course, I added an envelope to the opposite side of the file folder to hold the individual color rectangles.  When I use this with a child, I always start by taking a plain piece of paper and covering all but a few of the colors for the child!  I always want this to be a successful, enjoyable activity for the child...a challenge...but not so difficult that the child doesn't want to participate.

This is an extremely simple idea, but effective.  For some children it is nearly impossible to "tune out" the visual stimuli around them and focus on any one activity.  Taking out ANYTHING visual that is not necessary to the activity allows the child to actually focus on the activity and complete it.  And this can bring such a sense of accomplishment that they want to try again..and again!


  1. I've done this too, but instead of making the color squares on my computer and then using my ink to print them off; I go to my local Home Depot and get paint chips. Then I just cut them in half and there I go- color chips without using my ink!

  2. @Debbie- ugh...NOW you tell me :) We're ready to paint our kitchen and I must have 100 paint chips sitting in my office! Great idea...I'll definitely borrow that one the next time I make this :)


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