Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wood Square Memory and Patterning

My multiple trips to Home Depot lately have paid off...I mean for preschool, as well as my home!  I came across these flooring samples (the wood laminate free samples) while looking for painting supplies for our kitchen.  As soon as I grabbed these, I began thinking of preschool! 

These are perfect for a visual discrimination game for the children.  Of course, the pieces will not be EXACT, but for children who are able to play memory already with exact pictures, these would be a great way to add some more natural aspects to the memory game.  They even have a tactile aspect as each match has a different texture.   (Of course, these aren't real wood, but they do have a semi-natural look and feel!)

Wood laminate samples turned over for Memory.
 For children who need to work on matching same item to same item, attach one of each of the samples to a board and provide the other samples to the child.  Encourage him/her to match the correct wood pattern to the match!

For children who need a bit more difficult work, provide various samples for the children to create patterns.  For those who are just beginning to understand patterning, attach samples in a pattern to a board.  Provide the rest of the samples for the children to extend the pattern!

What a great way to work on those visual discrimination skills, matching, sorting and patterning!  I'm pretty sure I haven't hit the end of the things that can be done with these samples!  I'm just not so sure how the people at Home Depot will feel if I come in and cart out a few dozen of these samples! :)  hmmm...might need to make a few more trips for my kitchen...might need a few more samples while I'm there!

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