Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1 fish, 2 fish...I ate the blue fish!

Here's a quick and easy way to make picture steps for an easy edible fish bowl and fish!  I simply used clip art to create a sequenced step by step instruction board for making  a "fish in a bowl" snack.  I cut out the steps, glued them to a poster board strip and laminated the instructions.

Picture sequences can be used for just about any step-by-step project.  I tend to use them for simple snacks or art projects.  Visually showing each step helps children understand that there is a sequence to follow to complete the project.

This snack requires a rice cake, peanut butter (or sun butter if allergies are a concern), fish crackers and a plastic knife.  The children gather all the needed items, spread peanut butter on the rice cake and place fish crackers on the peanut butter.

An adult can help guide a child through "reading" the picture sequence before beginning.  Then the child can gather things and begin to work.  An adult can then casually point out each step as the child works to help the child begin to understand the sequenced activity.  This can become a routine independent "center" for children or a small group activity with several children. 

These picture sequence cards can be a great way to encourage receptive and expressive language, sequencing and following directions.  When the children have put their snack together, they can place it on the blue fish bowls (shown below) and then eat the fish crackers. 
I am not sure where I got the fish bowl pattern, but I'm sure you could find similar patterns on-line.  I simply copied it onto blue construction paper and laminated it.
Of course, after the sequenced part of the activity, the children may chose to do more with the project.   The children may sort the fish into color groups, make a pattern, count the fish or pretend the fish are swimming in the fish bowl!   

For children with language and learning delays, presenting this activity several days in a row will help the children understand the full concept.  After watching friends or adults expand on the activity by sorting or counting, they may be more inclined to attempt some of these extensions as well!

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