Saturday, July 2, 2011

Better Late then Never!

Among all of the things I worked to complete these last few weeks, I also intended to participate with the children in International Mud Day.  I managed many things over the past few weeks...but, exploring mud was not one of them!
 My goal was and still IS to create our mud pie kitchen!  For now, though, I am collapsing from exhaustion at my house!   Thankfully, I have a month to recover...and relax!

Since we didn't get a chance to participate in International Mud Day (which, by the way, would have been great fun!) I thought I'd share the blog hop!   Just look at all the ways OTHER people celebrated International Mud Day!   (OUR celebration will just have to wait until August!  Well, one good thing...I now have tons of creative ideas to start from!)

This blog hop was set up by Jaime at Hands On As We Grow!

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