Monday, July 18, 2011

Wood Square Braille Addition!

After I finished making my wood square Braille letters, I realized that I really had left out a few things!  So, I went back and added these elements to the squares.  If you want to make these you will need: 
  1. Wood laminate free samples (I found these at Home Depot) or cardboard squares
  2. Puffy Paint
  3. Paper circle reinforcements

A Braille cell really consists of 6 dots.  I needed some way to represent the empty spaces of the Braille cell for the little guy who will be using these (since he is still learning about the Braille cell).  I decided to use the paper circle reinforcers for this.  You can feel the outline of the circle on the wood square, but it is much less noticable than the puffy paint dot.

The other thing I realized that I had forgotten was a way for someone who can't see the square to know if the square is "right side up"!  So, I added a puffy paint line on the top left hand corner of each square.

These additions, along with the letter written on the wood square for those of us who don't always remember the Braille letter, should complete the letter squares!  Now I just need to make a few more trips to Home Depot to complete the set!

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