Monday, July 18, 2011

Wood Square Letters, Numbers and Counting!

I knew I wasn't done with the ideas for these square wood pieces from Home Depot!  I have a little guy in my classroom who will be learning Braille.  I found these wood squares are perfect to place some Braille letters on with puffy paint!  If you want to catch up with the first idea I came up with for these go HERE.
Letters A,B,C and D in Braille
Of course, if you don't have a child learning Braille, you can use these to make counting squares or draw letters or numerals on them with puffy paint!  Now, for my purpose here, the different colors aren't relevant.  For a visual learner, though, you will probably want to get the same color wood laminate squares.

Letters E, F, G and H
The puffy paint adds a tactile dimension to the learning and the squares should hold up with regular use!  What a simple way to encourage children to match same number dots, count dots, match, recognize or name numerals or letters!  

*If you would like to make Braille letter squares, please read my follow up post...HERE!

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