Monday, July 25, 2011

Sign Language Reminders at Our Fingertips!

I've continued over my break to go through my tubs and drawers of random school items and pull out  things that I haven't used in a while...but need to!  Today on my quest for hidden treasures in my home office, I came across these sign language reminders!   A student teacher of mine quite a few years ago made them for me (how nice was that!?)  She organized them into four simple categories:
  1. Family/Friends
  2. Snack
  3. Animals
  4. Colors

These are simply basic signs that are great to use with children who are just developing language, who have speech/language and/or communication delays or who need a visual prompt in addition to a verbal prompt to attend to a specific task.  Although none of the children in my classroom currently are deaf or hard of hearing; all of the children in my classroom have speech/language and communication delays.  We regularly use simple signs in the classroom along with verbal speech to emphasize certain words.

While I know most of these signs already, a little reminder never hurts!  I also have some new teacher associates in my classroom now; so these will come in VERY handy for these new people who might not yet know some of these basic signs!

I also found a small collection of these little wrist key holders.  These worked perfectly to hold and divide the collections of sign language cards.   We'll just need to slip them on our wrist (for instance at lunch or snack) and we'll have our hands free, but will still have these reminders easily accessible! 

If you would like to make your own sign language reminder cards, here are a few websites to start with!  These are just two suggestions of sites I found that offer printable sign language cards; I know there are many others sign language sites out there!  There are also many wonderful sign language books available that would help with creating these reminder cards!
  1. Baby Sign Language Cards  (While "baby sign" is not generally used as a true language form- as ASL is- these are very simple signs that are regularly used with hearing children to accompany beginning verbal language.)  If you click on a word, you will be able to view a video clip of the sign as well as print out a sign language reminder card!
  2. Alphabet Sign Language Cards This site offers the alphabet in sign language reminder cards.
  3. Signing Exact English   This is one of the sign language books that I have.  It's a great dictionary of signs.  It utilizes "Exact English" which varies from ASL.
  4. My First Sign Language BookThis is a first sign language book for children with some very simple signs.

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