Friday, June 24, 2011

"Well, Hello...Here's a Toy for You to Admire!"

What do you do when you are very friendly and want to play with a new friend, but don't yet have language to use with your friend? 

You find a toy and put it in your friend's lap!  Then you run off and find another toy and put this toy in your friend's lap.  Then you hurry off to find yet another toy and present this to your friend!

This never grows old!  Who wouldn't smile if you are receiving toy after toy after toy!?  Yes, THIS is the extent of the game; but what a game it is! 

Receiving a present from a friend, over and over and over!  Just like it's your birthday...each and every day!  Now, seriously, who wouldn't love this game?!

Grab the "How Long is this Hall" Button!

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