Sunday, June 5, 2011

HEY! HE TOUCHED ME! (or Don't make me stop this car...again!)

Several weeks ago, there was some disagreement in our program as to how to handle certain things.  Some felt these were very large issues; others did not.  This got me to do we as early childhood teachers, normally handle disagreements?  

Now, we are no strangers to conflict!  Any group of people who have worked together for any length of time WILL deal with disagreements at some point!  HOW we handle disagreements can make all the difference in the world, though!  

Hopefully, most of us would choose to take an issue that sends us "over the top" to the hall, to an office or wait for a more appropriate time to discuss it if we couldn't "hold it together" for the moment.  Hopefully, most of us would not choose to "vent" while the children were present. 

But, other than that, how do you deal with conflict within your program?  Is there an established procedure for dealing with issues that are "hot button" topics?  Do you have established times to meet to discuss issues? 

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