Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Changes are never easy!

Changes are never easy.  Lately, I've been so busy working on paperwork and IEP's that the changes that are about to happen at our school really haven't sunk in yet!  Changes are never easy; especially when these changes are happening because of budgets that are created at a much higher level and are completely out of the control of anyone within our immediate area!   Changes are never easy. 

I've tried to keep looking at the positive in all this.  Although we will have teachers moving from preschool to teach kindergarten; we aren't truly "losing" anyone.  We will still be able to provide wonderful services for the children in our preschool program.  We continue to function as an early learning program...we just may look a bit different...with fewer classrooms and programs, but still a good core group of programs.  Changes are never easy. 

I'm all for learning new things!  Sometimes shaking things up is a good thing!  We'll have the opportunity to work with new wonderful people!  Although, of course, we will miss those wonderful people who are moving on to new adventures.  Changes are never easy.  

I have the month of July off...the entire month!  I'm very excited and completely ready to have a month off, but these changes will be taking place WHILE I'm off!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to come back in August and hardly recognize the place!  OK, that may be taking it a bit far!  Changes are never easy.   

So, while changes are never easy...sometimes they really do open up wonderful new learning opportunities!   I'm excited to see what these changes bring...

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