Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ladybug Painting!

I bet you've always wondered what "Ladybug Paintings" would look like!  No...you haven't?!  Well, we decided to spare the real ladybugs the embarrassment of having their feet painted; and we used our ladybug back massager as our painting tool! 

The children each took a turn choosing red or yellow paint, dipped the ladybug feet in the paint, pushed the button and watched the ladybug jiggle, wiggle and "paint" the paper!  

We watched as the ladybug mixed and stirred the red and yellow paint together to make orange and, a few times, had to work to keep the ladybug from cruising right off the side of the paper! 

I'm still working on a way to keep the ladybug feet holding a bit more paint each time!  The children did enjoy watching the ladybug bounce around and paint, but I think it will be even more fun if we add a few more bouncing bug back massagers to paint at the same time!  Hmmm...we'll have to save that for another day!

The closest thing to this that I can remember seeing on the Internet is Teacher Tom's Drawbots (Of course, I may be forgetting that someone has already done this- If so, I'm sorry, please let me know!)

I am linking this to Nurture Store's Play Academy idea swap!

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