Monday, February 28, 2011


Today we began listening and reading the story "Abiyoyo."   After we listened to the story, we decided to 'paint-dance'!  Of course, this would be a version of the dancing that Abiyoyo does in the story; we just added paint to the mix!

We each positioned ourselves with two paintbrushes each, turned on some music, and had those paintbrushes "dancing" across the large paper taped to the table!  Some of us danced fast.  Some of us danced slowly!  Some of us danced with the paint side by side...but MOST of us danced with the paint swirled together!

Some of the children watched carefully as we used the brushes to swirl the paint in circles and make "feather" painting with the brush almost dry.  The children all stayed interested in this group painting project for more than 20 minutes! 

We enjoyed this project so much, that it may take several days for the finished group project to dry!   I think we may try this again sometime with different colors!  The children really enjoyed the open-ended aspect of this project.  And, of course, who doesn't like painting with TWO paintbrushes?!
Oh, yes, and some of us threatened to dance those two paintbrushes right on our teacher's head!   


  1. Oh what fun! We drew to music recently so I think doing a 'paint dance' to music would definitely be the perfect extension of this. Thanks for the great idea Pam!
    Donna :) :)

  2. That's a great idea. Last year, there was one little boy who absolutely loved "Abiyoyo." It was his favorite book and anytime he was asked to pick a story it was that one. I wish I would've seen this activity then.

  3. Paint dancing was a great experience! It's been a few days now...I just may be able to hang up the finished painting now :)


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