Monday, February 14, 2011

Yikes! Playdough Tip Follow-Up!

I felt I MUST do a quick follow up to the playdough tip post!  I saw a comment about sticky playdough on the Teach Preschool facebook page after the link to this post. 

You will really need to play around with the amount of extra virgin olive oil you add to the dough after you have made it! 

Some playdough will not hold a lot more without going overboard and becoming sticky and losing consistency!  Sometimes humidity will change how much it can hold!  In other words; I simply add a little bit, mix it in then add a little more if it is not yet the consistency I want.  It is definitely NOT an exact science!  I did add almost a tablespoon to this particular recipe...but if I made it today, it may not hold that much! 

I don't want people to start tossing out whole batches of playdough because it is too sticky!  Deb is correct, letting it air dry a bit or adding more flour should help if you find the dough does get too sticky.  Just make sure to go slow with the addition of the olive oil.  Remember, the other oil was absorbed as you cooked it; this oil is really sitting on the top of the dough, so it can only absorb so much at a time!  Hope this follow up post helps!

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