Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Organizing All of our Stuff...Part III

You had to know it was coming...Part III, that is!  I do enjoy organized chaos around me, and teaching preschool pretty much gives you an endless supply of items to organize!  If you have not read Organizing all of our stuff...Part I and II and want to catch HERE and HERE!

When I made up my book lists, and organized and alphabetized my books, I also needed a quick and easy way to know which childrens books are mine and which are the school's books.  I know most teachers already have labels on their own books as well as labels on school books.  I just needed a quick and easy way to distinguish between home and school books without having to LOOK at every single label!  Here's how I did that: 
I ended up making up two labels- one for my books, which I attached to all my books on the front cover, and then separate labels for the school books, which I attached to the lower part of the spine of the book.  This way, I can easily spot all the school books as they are on the shelf since the flower shows on the spine!  It may seem that it would be difficult to spot these on soft cover books, but, truthfully, the red flower shows up very well!  I can scan the entire bookshelf and pick out the books that are mine within a few seconds.
Because the books are often going between home and school for planning and storage, they do often get mixed together.  Labels give me a very easy and quick way to distinguish between the books so I can separate them.  My husband thought it was silly to put my name as well as the classroom name on the labels for my home books (in the event I would teach another classroom) however, in the event a book would be left somewhere else in the school, it could now easily be returned to the classroom! 

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