Monday, February 14, 2011

"People" Progress!

Lately, we have been enjoying using markers, crayons and adapted scissors to create and color!  I have one little guy who has made remarkable progress in his ability to create a recognizable person while drawing! 
Completed January 7, 2011. 

Completed January 10, 2011

This is completely child-initiated.  His drawings began with mostly faces and lots and lots of circles!  Since then, his people are more defined and he has added many body parts: a nose, ears, body, arms, legs and feet.   

Completed February 1, 2011  Hey, we see some arms and legs...and a nose and some ears!

Completed February 4, 2011 The oval shape under his head is supposed to be
his "body" I was told!

Completed February 11, 2011  He's actually focusing more on the first
3 letters of his name rather than the person!  But look at those fingers...and look at the
letters he wrote all by himself!  We have been working on those first three letters of his
name with the Handwriting without Tears wood pieces.  This child transfered this
learning from building the letters with the woodpieces to
writing them on paper himself! 
On a regular basis we sing the song Mat Man from our Handwriting without Tears curriculum.  We also build the Mat Man character as we sing along.  I am sure this song is probably going through his head as he draws since his people have all the body parts (and generally are the same shape) as Mat Man!   The children LOVE the Mat Man song and building Mat Man.  This particular child knows ALL the words and sings loudly each time we do this!
Mat Man
This child has made so much progress and absolutely LOVES coloring and creating people all over his paper!   At some point, we will probably find EVERY single piece of paper in the classroom covered with people!


  1. My students too love mat man! They are making close to the same progress with their drawing and writing skills, With the holiday I was going to over look it this week I think I will try to squeeze it in--- thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Holly- so glad I could provide some inspiration! Honestly, it is not often that I get to see this type of progress. All my children have special needs, and we simply aren't at this point yet with fine motor skills. We always celebrate ALL the progress, no matter how small, but this was really exciting! -Especially given the overal delays this child struggles with!

  3. We use Mat Man in our Preschool classroom, and I have found similar success! We sing the song, and do lots of drawing! :)

  4. We love Mat Man in our classroom too!


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