Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paint Cup Tip

Many years ago, I found the absolute perfect paint cup/water cup for painting and watercolors.  I happened to eat a certain brand of yogurt at the time, that came with a small cup attached to the top with granola or M&M's.  Probably not the healthiest yogurt, but it was pretty darn good tasting!
I ate these every day for probably more than six months before I realized that these small plastic cups could come in very handy!  Before this, they were routinely thrown in with our recycling. 

We found that these are simply the perfect size to hold enough paint to paint with, but not so much that the paint is wasted or needs to be covered for another day.  This is the reason I have always detested the larger paint cups that are sold for this purpose!

These cups have such a broad opening and flat bottom that the children can easily see and reach the paint or water with their paintbrush, but it is nearly impossible to spill the paint or water!  These are especially handy for holding water for watercolor painting!  If, by some chance, the water does spill, it is such a small amount, that it is very quick to clean up and refill the cup! 


  1. In my integrated preschool classroom, we use and LOVE these!! :) Great tip to share!

  2. @Elizabeth- aren't these the greatest! We use them for so many things- to hold small craft items, glue, paint, water for watercolors...they really seem to work so well since there is simply no way the kids could tip them over! :)


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