Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mud, Mud, Mud!

We have been enjoying another great story this week: Stuck in the Mud, by Jane Clarke.  This is a fun tale of a chick that gets stuck in the mud.  Each animal comes to help push and pull the chick, but finds themselves stuck in the mud as well.  At the end, the chick announces that he hadn't been stuck in the mud at all, but was enjoying playing in the mud with his friends!

Well, after we read the book, we enjoyed the most messy experience in our sensory table!  I added some inexpensive potting soil to the table.  We then helped the children pour small cups of water into the "dirt" to make mud!
Well, we added our pretend animals and had a great time exploring what happens to the dirt when mixed with water.  We also experimented a bit with having the animals get "stuck" in the mud.  (I think after a few days with the experience of the book and the "mud", the children will do a bit more experimenting with the idea of having the animals get stuck in the mud.  Today, they simply watched me demonstrate!)
I can't wait to explore this again tomorrow!  We'll add some additional play materials, including some small people and some natural objects to the table!  We figure after a few days of "mud" play those poor animals may need to go through a little animal bath!  I'm sure we'll have some children just as eager to help wash the animals as they are about helping the animals get dirty!

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