Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Oooooo....the 'Magic' Teacher!"

A little guy came to visit our room from the larger classroom today while we were singing the rainbow color song.  As we sang, I pretended to "pour" the color out towards me, replaced it with the fruit and encouraged the children to look into the pot to see what was there.

This little guy looked at me with huge eyes and said..."HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?"  :)  Each time I quickly replaced the color with the fruit; he was shocked to find something new in the pot!

I talked to his teacher later, who said that he came back to the room and told her, "You know that teacher in that other room...she's magic!" 

Apparently, my powers only work in the preschool classroom.  I've tried to make dinner this way several times before, but it just doesn't seem to work!

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