Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainbow Color Fun!

Here's a little rhyme and game with a fun rainbow ending to teach colors that I learned at a workshop years ago.  This year, I chose not to use all the colors, but just the ones I had actual objects to represent the colors.

You will need
  1. Large pot (For the effect of a pot of gold, I've used a large plastic cauldren I found on sale after Halloween),
  2. Large kitchen spoon,
  3. Color cards, cubes or playdough lids as I've used,
  4. Objects (or photos or drawings) of objects to represent each color.
Because I have a little guy who has a visual impairment, it's important to use an object to represent the color.  He may not be able to see the color; but he will learn to associate certain objects with certain color names.  For toddlers it is also a good idea to use actual objects until they begin to recognize the color (by pointing to it when asked). 
(To the tune of "Skip to my lou")

"Take some (red),
Put it in a pot,
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot.
Pour it out
Now, what'll it be?
The (prettiest apple) that you ever did see."

(repeat with other colors- orange: orange, yellow: lemon, green: lime, blue: blueberries, purple: grapes or, of course, you could change these to be whatever you want.)

"Take all the colors,
Put them in the pot,
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot.
Pour it out
Now, what'll it be?
The prettiest rainbow that you ever did see!" 
Have the children help put the "color" in the pot and stir it up.  Pull out the object that belongs with the color.  Then at the end, the children can help put all the colors in the pot and stir; then pull out the rainbow as the song is finished!


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