Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Happened Here?!

So, what makes it go so wrong sometimes...while other times, the children are perfectly happy switching things up a bit?  Really...if I knew the answer to this, I'm pretty sure I would be a very rich person!
I'm getting bits and pieces of what last month was like in my classroom (while I was on break and a guest teacher was in my room).  Yep, you guessed it!  Apparently, the children decided a bit of a mini- revolution was in order!

I can just imagine the thoughts going through their heads:  "What!?  That's NOT the voice you use while reading that book!".... "How DARE you think you're going to hold MY hand while I go to the sink...I am PERFECTLY capable of doing this myself!"... "Oh, no, we ALWAYS sit about 2 inches in front of our teacher while she's reading us a book"... "What?! We can't today?!"

All of this, and, of course, the guest teacher is a wonderful person!  She has been in my classroom before (of course, not for a full month).  I have talked to her several times.  We share many of the same philosophies.   She has experience and enjoys being a guest teacher.   Sometimes, you just can't win!

It was all just a bit too much for them, I think!  First, a guest teacher in the room.  Then, a new teacher associate.  And, to top it off, ANOTHER new teacher associate in the middle of the month!  Yep, I think I would have started a mini-revolution as well!

I'm pretty sure the children do not feel sorry for any of this.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the impression that may have been made was "act really really horrible to the guest teacher and your teacher will return".  Oh, good grief...we may have some more work to do on being "flexible" thinkers and being willing to "go with the flow"! 

Then again, in a small way, I'm happy they felt powerful enough to stand up for themselves and insist that this wasn't OK with them!  I just wish they hadn't made it quite so difficult on the poor guest teacher.


  1. I found your blog very inspiring therefore I decided to leave you an award on my blog:

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  2. Czyzyk- :) I'm happy you enjoy the blog! I left a comment on your blog as well. Thanks!


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