Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hanging File Folder Organization

I meant to share this creation with you LAST week...but, as you might have been able to tell by my last post, the week just kind of got away from me! 
Last weekend I saw THESE very cute file organizers.  Then when I went to visit my mom (who happens to be a retired teacher...and who tends to donate supply items to ME), she gave me a whole box of colored plastic files folders (these are the ones that open to form a sort of flat- squared off bottom to hold more papers). 

I knew exactly what I was going to do with them...make hanging file folder organizers!  (I actually created these within a few hours of receiving them!)

Now, my version is clearly NOT as cute as the original!  But they are extremely functional!  
  1. I inserted the file folders into each other (so when you are using them, you are actually just inserting the paperwork into the front of the file folder (the next file up becomes the back).  But because these have the squared off bottom, there is plenty of room!).  
  2. I then punched 2 holes at the top of the entire thing and strung a ribbon loop through the top.  (It is a bit difficult to punch the holes, especially when trying to go through 2 layers.  But it's not impossible.) 
  3. In order to attach each file folder to the next one, I punched holes in each file folder at the top and hooked them to the next file folder with a brass paper fastener.    I have had these hung for a week with no problem with this system! Initially, I wasn't sure if this would be strong enough to hold the weight of multiple file folders and packets of paper!  But, it seems to work just fine! 

These hanging files are labeled with each child's name and hold each of their small group (IEP goal work)- activity schedules as well as rubrics and tracking sheets. We also have a folder in each to hold the previous tracking sheets.

I LOVE how organized this has become.  I love how simple and quick it is to find exactly what we need!  This has been a great way to keep everything in one spot and help teacher associates find everything they will need to track the work they do with a child! 

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