Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carpet Circles!

We may be the class that wears our carpet squares on our heads on a regular basis, but I'm determined to use this small piece of our day to help reinforce name and/or symbol recognition!  I found these round (very patriotic) placemats at the Dollar Store and scooped them up as carpet CIRCLES!  

So, because I've gone a bit crazy with the milk machine filter ideas lately, I also printed each child's name and symbol on a milk machine filter.  Now, to figure out how to ATTACH the two!

I decided to simply hand stitch these round milk filter circles directly to the round placemats (took me about 1/2 hour to do six carpet circles)!   I added a stitch in the middle of each circle to help keep it stable as the children sit on it!

I realize that these may be even more enticing for the children to wear as "hats," but, never mind, those name recognition skills will simply be absorbed better directly through the brain! :) 
(A follow up:  We have used these for 2 days now and the children haven't once put them on their heads! They also are holding up wonderfully!  And the best thing is that two children have pointed to their own name and said "mine"!)

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