Monday, August 1, 2011

Out of Sorts...

Ugh...I HATE that feeling of being completely out of sorts the first few days I'm back from a break!  Now, it wouldn't be that big of a deal if the children had this time off as well!  At least I'd feel like we were all starting on the same "out of sorts" footing!
But, in our district, the preschool teachers have one month off during the summer months...while the children are still at school with a guest teacher!  Of course, it's not easy for the children to transition to a guest teacher, then transition back to me being in the classroom!  Everyone does things a bit differently.  No matter how good the guest teacher is, it is still a big transition for everyone!

Of course, today I also feel like I'm headed into a completely new room; since today is the first day I get to work with either of my two new teacher associates!  

I'm also pretty sure a few of the little guys in the classroom are seriously going to make me PAY for taking a whole month off!  I stopped in Friday to drop some stuff off and one of my little guys was definitely ready to grow Velcro and attach himself to me!  (Of course, the first day back, not a big deal...but if it lasts for too long, I may have a few of the other children a bit upset!)

It's definitely going to take a bit before we all settle into the routine!  Here's to hoping we all enjoy some nice relaxing summer fun for the next few weeks while we work back into the routine!  OK, reality check!  That's probably NOT going to happen! 

I don't care what time it is..."Where did my Dt. Pepsi go...I'm gonna' need more caffeine than this to keep me going!" 


  1. Hope your first day back is full of fun...or at least not too draining.

  2. @Scott- thanks it ended up being a great day- got lots of hugs...but, yes, I'm still tired!:)


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