Friday, August 5, 2011

Record Player Art

Several children became slightly hypnotized by our "Record Player Art" today!  This was obviously an unintended side effect of the fun of coloring on a spinning paper plate!

OK- honestly, I really did have a little guy who wanted to do this the ENTIRE half hour!  Of course, this was fine, but by the time he was finished he was almost in a trance!

We simply took a paper plate, popped it through the middle, turned on the record player and colored on the paper plate as it turned around!  

We made many beautiful and colorful designs as we talked about turning the record player "on" and "off", talked about the "bumpy" edges of the plate, the colors we used and talked about making lots and lots of "circles"!  The children worked together in groups of two and did a great job of negotiating areas to color on the paper plate!  We now have a board filled with beautiful record player art! 

I did, however, jokingly say that these children may now always think that record players were made for coloring (since they probably haven't seen one actually playing a record)!

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