Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Quick Tip for Chairs!

It never fails, every year I end up with a classroom filled with children who are very small for their age...as well as children who are very tall!  This makes ensuring that all the children are able to put their feet flat on the floor while sitting at the table nearly impossible!   

I've tried lowering the table...but, of course, we end up with tall children scrunched in their chairs!  I've tried smaller chairs...but, of course, that only works if you lower the table!  I've put a large hollow wooden block in front of the chair for the smaller children to rest their feet.  This became a hazard though as I had children who would kick the block out from under them and then the block became more of a distraction than anything else!

So, after finding THIS on the Internet, I found a box that was the right size, cut holes for each of the front chair legs, put several smaller boxes inside the box to keep the box from collapsing as a child kicked and stomped on it and taped the opening up!  The chair can be lifted right out of the openings if the box needs to be moved to another chair.  (Yes, I know this box looks pretty beat up!  We've been using it for a while and the little guy who uses it is quite hard on it...but it still works!)

At first I was a bit worried that the child would have difficulty getting up from the table.  But, never fear, this little guy just climbs right out onto the box and hops down!  And, with the chair actually inside the box, we don't have the distraction of a block ending up halfway across the classroom!


  1. ece's have gotta love cardboard boxes. clever solution.

  2. :) yep, we definitely use boxes for just about everything!


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